Atuin v15 - Fixes and improvements release

Release notes for Atuin v15

Announcing a new release of Atuin! v15 is out now. This release is not particularly feature-heavy, instead we have focused on a number of bugfixes and improvements - with lots of new shiny things planned for v16.

I've also included the changes from v14.0.1 in these notes, as we never did a separate post for them


Sync changes

For the first time in a long while, we have made an adjustment to how sync functions. In the longer term, we intend on replacing our current sync algorithm with something that better handles consistency, but v15 should at least ship some performance improvements.

Older versions of Atuin used a fixed page size of 100. This meant that for each request, we could only upload or download 100 history items at a time. For larger histories, this meant a lot of HTTP requests + a fairly slow sync.

Atuin v15 ships a variable page size, defaulting to 1100. This is configurable on the server, via the page_size parameter. A smaller number of larger requests generally performs better in our testing.

For self hosted servers, please note that reverse proxies may require configuration changes to allow for larger requests.

What's Changed

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