Atuin v17 - secrets filters and more

Release notes for Atuin v17

Announcing a new release of Atuin! v17 is out now.

Atuin enables you to easily search and sync your shell history across many machines. Get started here



I've been thinking about what we could do to improve security for a while, and
this is the start of some work there. While Atuin's sync is end-to-end encrypted,
your shell history is still stored in plaintext on your machine - where it can easily
be read.

Starting from v17, Atuin will automatically filter out commands containing:

  • AWS creds
  • GitHub tokens
  • Slack tokens
  • Stripe keys

The command will still run, but it will not be stored by Atuin. Though I do
suggest you avoid putting secrets in your shell wherever possible!

With more to come!

Self hosted changes

We are no longer building docker images for main, and all images are now tagged either by release (17.0.0) or by short commit sha (1a20afe).

We advise that users stick to running tagged releases, and do not track an unstable branch. If you wish to run potentially unstable and unreleased code, then please do watch the repo and keep your install up to date!

We now also build docker images for ARM! This has been an issue for a long time for us, as GitHub does not provide ARM runners + emulation is very very slow. Thank you so much to @alexellis and @self-actuated for helping us out there!

enter_accept and keybinding changes

For a long time, we have been asked about Atuin requiring two enter presses -
once to select the search item, and then once more to run it from your shell.
While some users were happy with this, many felt that the additional keypress
slowed them down unnecessarily.

v17 introduces the enter_accept config option. If set to true, pressing
enter will immediately select and execute the search result selected. If you'd
rather select the item and then edit it in your shell, you can press tab

This is enabled by default for new users only. Existing users will need to
edit their config. Currently, this does not support NuShell.

We have also temporarily disabled the "up" arrow keybinding by default for
NuShell, while awaiting an upstream fix, see
#1329 for more.

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