Atuin v18.2 - fixes and improvements

Atuin supercharges your productivity by enabling you to rapidly retrieve any command you’ve ran, at any time, from anywhere. It stores your shell history in a database, recording additional command context and syncing it (e2e encrypted) across devices. Get started here

Announcing a new release of Atuin! v18.2 is out now. Thank you to everyone who contributed in this release

I've included the changelog below. This release is a little lighter than 18.1, partly because I was out sick, and partly because we've been focusing on something big for a later release. I've put a sneak peek at the bottom of this post!

Starting from v18.2, Atuin now uses a reworked sync protocol for new users and installs. Existing users will be migrated later on.

This is much faster, more efficient, and has fewer bugs. It also allows us to build other synchronized shell improvements with little effort.

If you would like to switch now, please put the following at the bottom of your config file

records = true

Config is usually located at ~/.config/atuin/config.toml

Bug Fixes

  • Add missing description (#1861)
  • Allow empty search (#1866)
  • Pass search query in via env (#1865)
  • Pass search query in via env for Nushell (#1874)
  • Case insensitive hostname filtering (#1883)
  • Update to resolve 0.92 deprecation (#1913)
  • Detect preexec plugin using env ATUIN_PREEXEC_BACKEND (#1856)
  • Install script echo (#1899)
  • Report non-decodable errors correctly (#1915)
  • Do not use "return" to cancel initialization (#1928)
  • Use spawn_blocking for file access during async context (#1936)


  • Add security contact (#1867)
  • Add install instructions for cave/exherbo linux in (#1927)
  • Describe the limitation of missing commands (#1937)
  • Add missing cli help text (#1945)


  • Process [C-h] and [C-?] as representations of backspace (#1857)
  • Allow specifying search query as an env var (#1863)
  • Check PG version before running migrations (#1868)
  • Add atuin prefix binding (#1875)
  • Update to support KDE Neon (#1908)
  • Add better search scoring (#1885)
  • Sync v2 default for new installs (#1914)
  • Add 'ctrl-a a' to jump to beginning of line (#1917)
  • Prevents stderr from going to the screen (#1933)
  • Add alias import (#1938)
  • Use _ble_exec_time_ata for duration even in bash < 5 (#1940)
  • Add base structure (#1935)

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Add issue form (#1871)
  • Require atuin doctor in issue form (#1872)
  • Add section to issue form (#1873)
  • Add codespell support (config, workflow) and make it fix some typos (#1916)
  • Cargo update (#1943)


  • Cache aliases and read straight from file (#1918)

New Contributors

Sneak peek:

With the introduction of dotfiles, Atuin started syncing things beyond just shell history.

I think there's a lot that can be done to improve accessibility and discoverability with the terminal, and the Atuin UI in the above screenshot is one of the first steps in that direction.